About Me

The name is Bob as you might have guessed. I’m 25 and I am from bonny Scotland. Currently, I reside in Aberdeen.

I’m a very positive professional that continually thinks outside the box towards life problems and does not believe in failure. I like to look at failure as areas to grow stronger in my field and everyday goings-on.

Spare time hobbies include photography, Gaming, playing around with all things technology. I’m a very Nintendo guy with a passion for all things retro. That does not stop me from playing the PS4 from time to time (bobmac1 – Add me on PSN if you fancy getting thrashed at Call of Duty).

Being multilingual in code means I’m not stuck in one area of development. I love learning various things at one time and would love to continue this into my career. Not only can I code I have great work experience within the retail sector. Those work years have helped in becoming who I am today and has changed my self-confidence to someone that is open to meeting new people at any time.

At the moment, I’m working as a Graduate Java Developer for Spiralinks. We build and maintain a web application to help with companies compensation and rewards process.