About Me

The name is Bob as you might have guessed. I’m 26 and I am from bonny Scotland. Currently, I reside in Aberdeen.

I’m a very positive professional that continually thinks outside the box towards life problems and does not believe in failure. I like to look at failure as areas┬áto grow stronger in my field and everyday goings-on.

At the moment, I’m working as a Graduate Java Developer for Spiralinks. We build and maintain a web application to help with companies compensation and rewards process called FocalReview.

I began working for Spiralinks back in January 2017 and moved back home to remote work in August 2018. A very big decision to have made and glad to say it’s paid off. I really do enjoy the remote working aspect of this job even though it is still nice to pop into the office in St Neots and say hi to the team in person.