February 9, 2017

Big update

So since my last post on the 5th Feb. I have implemented a lot more in the game. So much that i’d like to say the game mechanics are completed. I am now just currently working on creating a health system then it will be the application start and menu screens. Once they are done i will be happy enough to begin looking to way to can test and challenge my users. This will be done by the user completing simple answers regarding the game and design over the three devices.

So since there was something broken with my game on the last post i thought i’d explain what happened. Turns out what i was committing to GitHub was not necessary. All this time i’ve been committing the complete¬†files from the root directory folder to my repo. Doing this and updating the files on another computer was having complications with the systems folders C# assembly files. Due to the computer getting confused it was throwing all sorts of errors along the way. Solved this issue by keeping the game on my main machine in the house. I can get around this issue by just uploading the folder assets and re-importing every time but i thought i’d like to keep everything neat and tidy.


What i’ll be working on is finalising the game UI and maybe making some changes to my code to keep it cleaner and re-useable. There are elements of the code i can reuse at the moment but i’d like to make more use of this.

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