November 20, 2016

Welcome to my game development blog i will be updating as i further my university honours project!

Quick overview of what i’m doing…

Remaking the Nintendo Entertainment Classic: Megaman. One of my favourite games from my younger days and noticing a lack of updates or remakes has made me want to do this as a project. Also my knowledge with game development is minimal and has helped me in my choice. Who doesn’t want to have fun and create an old favourite? 😀

My main objective is to see whether or not device orientation along with size of device matters when a user is playing a game. Now i know your quick to judge and say “I know i’d prefer to play a game on a smart phone than a tablet” but some people may object to that and say no, i prefer a larger screen. Along the way i’ll be using some pretty cool software for creation and pretty funky eye tracking glasses for testing.

Let’s start the project and hopefully i can help out some developers along the way with an insight into an area that is not overly researched or at least from what i’ve seen.

For the mean time i’ll leave you with Megaman himself…


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