January 24, 2017

It works!

Popped on some controls and now the player can run about! Looked into a few different ways of creating a control system but i found just using basic graphic sprites and setting up different functions to handle the input worked best. I may get on later into the development to find it might not work but at the moment it seems well.

So far so good then. I’ve been working on implementing a way for the player to ‘climb’ ladders. So far it’s really buggy when you attempt to climb or even just stand in the ladder so that the onLadder variable is active. This is done by setting the 2D Box collider to act as a trigger that then turns the onLadder boolean to true. Once the player leaves it returns to false.

So a quick export of the game with the controls on-screen has proved fairly well size wise from the three different devices. I’m still going to use Unity to it’s full potential to make it properly responsive.

For now i have reached a stage where i can move the control objects around and find a suitable placement for them. I am planning to do this with my supervisor to get a second opinion.

Below is a screen capture of the three devices showing how the buttons look on Unity as i didn’t manage to get a ‘real-life’ photo…

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