February 20, 2018

Online Learning has started


Dilbert – By Scott Adams || http://dilbert.com/strip/2000-11-13

This year I want to make myself a better person. After finishing university I miss being challenged academically and have decided to change that. Having a browse online, I came across some short online courses that have taken my liking to them.

A course that just started is Algorithms. This is an area we didn’t cover in university but feel like we should. Reason for this was that my course was Computing and not Computer Science. So since leaving and starting a new job, I am now realising this is something I should know and will have to self-study to achieve this. I am very excited to be learning about it!

The second course I have enrolled in is about Finance. I’m not very good when it comes to the area of money. Well, I am if it is spending but saving or investing, that’s a whole new story. This is an interesting course ran by the Open University due to start in March. The syllabus covers areas of standard money managing to pensions and investment. Right up my street to say the least.

Oh, and in September I’m looking to start a course at my local college that will help me complete a GCSE in Maths. I liked Maths at school, however, I was not very good at it. I feel this is an area of knowledge I lack when I am programming!

So a busy year, yes, but a busy year for a better Bob!


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