Under the heading ‘Projects’, you will find all the current development work I am interested in completing.

Currently, MegaMan is in a state suitable to play. I can export to any device and play the two levels created. This is great however at some point, I do aim to rework the class structure of the game to allow for better and more consistent performance. I found during testing that the device being used was working harder than it needed to be. The first area to be looking at rework is the GameManager.cs and LevelHandler.cs scripts. These two scripts have not been implemented correctly from the start and they really should be. I believe having a simple Game manager will help with keeping track of the level information such as which level has been completed etc.

My second project is a completly new field I’m very keen to work on. Looking mainly at multi platform mobile develop, I will be focusing my attention at Xamarin studio and how to develop for 2 or more platforms using one codebase. Obviously there will be tweaks across platforms but the core of the project will be shared across all devices. My idea for the project is to build a platform in which the registered users will be able to create and manage their profile, chat on a community board and buy and sell items to begin with. Other items such as up and down votes for items on the community board will be looked at and implemented further down the building line.

If you have a project you’d like to work with me on then send me a message over on the Contact Me page.