January 28, 2017

Quick update

Manage to have a quick meeting with Mike to go over my on-screen controls. I explained what i had done and what i still had to do.

At the moment the controls are a bit buggy on screen. This is due to having “OnPointerDown” functions. When user pushes left and keep it running left when they push Jump the function on moveLeft() cancels out so Jump() can preform it’s actions. I need to have a look into a more stable control system but this week it was fine as we were able to dicuss what looked good and what looked bad.

Decided to keep it to NES look and feel with the standard D-Pad instead of a joystick. User can move left and right but only up and down when they are on a ladder. This is another section still needing to be finalised. Once i’m happy with the player i can implement enenmies. We dicsussed the enenmies and decided to not make the level too hard for the player to complete. Megaman was a fairly difficult game to play and for the purpose of this test project i will be removing those difficult elements but still using the sections where there is some decision making to be made.

Work for this week is to carry out simple testing with the functions. First i need to create my test data sheet. Next it is to complete Megaman GameObject. Hopefully by next friday i will have this all working.

I am aiming to have the game done and ready for testing by mid-late February.

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