January 16, 2017

Research is a handy thing Bob…

So yeah i done my usual and just jumped straight into developing the level map on Unity with prefabs but i soon realised it was not going to plan. After a quick look online i found Tiled. Great little application that take tile sets and enables you to create a tile map for unity. Within about 1 hour i had a full level done. Just a pity i didn’t research how to create a map as i soon found some problems within Unity when i imported the level.

My tile set pixel sizes were 16x16x1px. I tried to roughly guess these when creating the maps the first time but that soon failed. After a shot on Photoshop i found out the correct sizes for the tiles and finished creating my map.

Next i found a handy export to unity tool called Tiled2Unity. This essentially takes your Tiled .tmx save file and exports it into a Unity prefab. Finding this has saved me so much time! Links will be at the bottom for both these applications.

I now have a Megaman game object moving left/right around the world and also jumping.


View him moving by clicking the link below!


Tiled: http://www.mapeditor.org/

Tiled2Unity: http://www.seanba.com/tiled2unity

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