February 5, 2017

Something broke…

As the title says; Something broke. After about 2-3 hours trying to figure out what went wrong i still don’t have any idea of what happened. Switched the iMac off overnight to be welcomed by Unity with a lovely message saying my c# assembly files failed to load. So doing the typical thing i reimported them to the Megaman folder in finder but still to no avail i was left to delete what i could and re-import certain files.

Semester 2 of university started this week so i’ve put Megaman on hold to get the first week done. I would consider this problem as punishment for not coding the game but my web dev work and own personal project slowly took over as this unity problem was rather annoying.

Thankfully as from tonight(9pm) i can safely say my project is back up and running. So i’ll leave you with my most recent Git Commit message:


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