February 21, 2017

Still nearly there..

The game is pretty much completed. What i’m doing now is just tinkering with code to clean up different methods and getting rid of redundant code. So far so good.

Spoke with my project supervisor about how we can test this application with users and had a discussion about different techniques. The type of user testing i’m looking to preform is nothing like what i have completed before so i’ll be updating this blog as i carry out my testing. I’m looking for around20-30 volunteers to come and help me complete field tests to gather my analysis data. If your reading this and are keen to help please just contact meĀ here.

What’s next on my todo list for the game development..

  • Port out the game for landscape and portrait
    • I’m using seperate APK files for these so the user does not get annoyed with the screen orientation changing when playing
  • Finalise code
  • Complete testing log(Already started and i’ll submit here once it’s done)
  • Gather volunteers
  • Create questions for my user questionaire

Busy couple of weeks ahead of me on top of my other university projects. one of which includes building an android application.

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