May 9, 2022

The Bed

One of the main parts of the build is the bed. I’m quite tall and a heavy bloke so my bed needed to be something sturdy that wouldn’t be too big for the van. I wanted a bench style bed that slid out to near enough a double bed. I researched a large amount of builds and took on board information from three main builds:

  1. Eat Sleep Wild
  2. Van Dog Traveller
  3. Uncommon Path

You’ll notice a similar style of build I’ve been leaning more towards. Obviously my sizes will be different to you however the main build principles should be the same. So here is my initial design

Initial Design

Finished Bed

From the design I’ve gone for 1800m x 1200mm. The bed at the moment doesn’t quite hit 1200 wide as I’ve made the slats a bit too tight and maybe a tad not square but you live and learn. Something else to sort this coming weekend. Max width at the moment is around 1100mm wide. Still very much useable too.


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