February 14, 2017

The enemies are coming…

As the title suggests i’ve been working on the enemies again. I’ve implemented a new co-routine in the code to allow me to use anĀ IEnumeratorĀ to make use of the WaitForSeconds() method. Implementing this method is allowing the enemies to be running at different time frames throughout the game. For example at the start you face three red bouncing enemies. First one is simple. Second is faster and the third is a mix of the two. All easily destroyed but a little challenge if your not expecting it.

Enemies can now be destroyed and each have they’re own health system in place. My prefab for the enemies have a standard value of 10 for the health and when a bullet hits them the value deducted is 1. I might change this closer to the time of testing but for the moment and my sake for playing it i’ll leave it at 10 and 1.

Rented out the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10”. Cracking tablet to use and the port to it looks great. Controls all conform to the screen as they should and look great.

Same as last week it’s time to try tie up the game. I’ll need to finish the health & points system and the title screens/menus. Hoping to have this done by the weekend so i can focus on other coursework and have a wee break from this project for a day or two.

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