December 31, 2016

The project is created


Carrying on from the post the other day. Good news! Two devices are now working with Unity as a second display to preview my game progress.

I can now begin with creating the GameObjects i want to use. I know Megaman has many levels and bosses but for the purpose of my project i will be developing one level with one boss. If i have enough time by the end i can implement another level. So to start off i have begun creating Level 1 – Dr Wily Fortress. This is part of four levels that link together.

Level to be created:





Now i’m currently making prefabs to make my level making that bit easier. Setting up the levels with prefabs helps me in the long run as i will not have to add multiple box colliders to each section as i’ve done these in the 4 prefabs i have created so far. Screenshot below:


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