March 24, 2017


Haven’t wrote here for a while because I have been super busy with some other university coursework. At the weekend i started building a second level based on the ‘Gutsman’ stage.

This is being implemented for the Future Developed Show at RGU where I’ll be showcasing my mobile creation to whoever would like to view and play. The original level I created was made easier for the purpose of the test but the Gutsman stage will be back to it’s normal difficulty to provide a bit more challenge.

I have a few things i need to fix though.

  • There’s an error everytime i kill a second big bouncer. Unity throws a Transform error as the object is destroyed but i am still trying to that objects transform later on. This causes the rest of the sprites to freeze on animation but still move. Should be a simple fix once i rework the game mechanics for the enemies.
  • Make the player stick to the platform when they have jumping onto something moving. For this test the player should move with the platform with the left and right controls to add a bit of difficulty to the gameplay.
  • I’m going to remove the vibration from shooting and focus more on when the enemy attacks Megaman. Feedback from users at the moment has been different to what i expected with around half of the people not noticing there was actually a vibration when they shot.
  • I’ll need to implement some AI into the new level as it contains flying green spots that attack when Megaman is in view. This should be fun. I have a rough idea on how to go about it though so it will test my coding ability a fair bit.
  • Implement a new level screen selection
  • Restart the values and the isComplete level boolean that is set when the user hits the end of the level.

Good bit to go but once my Android coursework is out the way I’ll be focusing on writing the rest of my courseworks. To have a break i’ll treat myself with a bit of coding!

Hopefully have something semi working by the next update 🙂


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